Rockstart Launches First European Smart Energy Accelerator

International accelerator program for 10 innovative startups takes off January 2014

Rockstart Accelerator is partnering with the Amsterdam Investment Fund (City of Amsterdam), Alliander, Nuon, Doen Foundation, Accenture, and private investors to launch the first startup accelerator program for smart energy initiatives - bridging the gap between internet technology and energy systems. 10 international startups will receive an investment and participate in a 100 day program in which they tune, build, grow and fund their businesses. Applications can be submitted from September 16.

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 - Amsterdam based Rockstart Accelerator is launching the first European accelerator program for smart energy startups. The program, kicking off in January 2014, helps build companies that stimulate a future proof energy system- by bridging the gap between internet technology and energy systems. Applications for startups open on September 16th and close on October 31st.

Rockstart partners with the Amsterdam Investment Fund (City of Amsterdam), NUON, Alliander, the Doen Foundation, Accenture and private investors, to help 10 promising international startups tune, build and grow and finance their businesses in a 100 day acceleration program.

Smart energy

Rockstart Accelerator believes startups and entrepreneurs are crucial players in dealing with today's economic and social challenges. Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy helps deliver compelling solutions in the following (example) areas:

  • Smart homes, meters and grids
  • Collective and decentralized energy generation and distribution
  • Awareness and energy reduction
  • Mobility
  • Energy trade

Faster to market

The intensive Smart Energy Accelerator program will be designed in cooperation with an international mentor group of 50 professionals, specialists and entrepreneurs. In return for an equity stake of up to 8%, the selected startups are offered €20,000 in cash investment, and an additional in kind investment valued at around €45,000 consisting of office space and other facilities, and intensive support from the mentor network. This investment helps the teams stay focused and on track for Demo Day, where they can showcase their businesses to investors and media.

Improved survival rate

In the US, this model was pioneered by initiatives like TechStars and Y Combinator, which have proven that startups that participate in accelerator programs generally have better survival rates. Rockstart Accelerator has already accelerated twenty startups in two earlier programs in 2012 and 2013 focusing on the web and mobile industry. 70% of the startups from their 2012 program have raised funding. Wercker raised a $1 million investment led by Greylock Partners, a top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital firm. 3D Hubs, a startup in the 2013 program, raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding in a deal led by Balderton Capital, only six weeks after Demo Day.


Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy is led by an experienced team: Yme Bosma (NL), Don Ritzen (NL) and Rune Theill (DK). Rockstart, 'The Global Startup Machine', was founded in 2011 by Dutch serial entrepreneur Oscar Kneppers, founder of media companies Emerce and Bright. The Rockstart 'Step Forward, Start' manifesto can be viewed at


More information on Rockstart and on Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy: (+31 6 22 44 02 28) Twitter: @rockstartaccel

About Rockstart Accelerator

Rockstart Accelerator is a seed investment, mentorship-based program that runs for an intensive 100 days, followed by a 3-month summer program focussed on funding and bridging Amsterdam with Silicon Valley.  The program helps 10 promising startups to launch their products worldwide, get ready for growth investment or bootstrap into profitability.

The 10 start-ups in the Rockstart Accelerator program will be supported by an international mentor group of 100 entrepreneurs, CEO's and experts.

The start-ups receive intensive support for 100 days, while building towards Investor Day, where they can present their businesses to over 300+ investors, CEO's, mentors and the press.

Startups interested in applying for the Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy Program have until October 31st, 2013 to do so via the website.